Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Official Bada 2 Indian firmware for S8500 download and review

Hi friends, Samsung has finally release official final  Bada  2 update for wave 1 or s8500. This is most stable  and latest version of bada 2 released till now.the changes in this firmware are -

Mini review -

-Smooth and  Better looking UI (now it looks just like Android )
-Improved Dolphin web Browser ( does not have page too large problem )
-Camera  interface is  improved. ( resemles android / iphone interface )
- ChatOn is included

-Call recording is enabled.
-Battery life is now superb. Easily lasts 3 days with light usage.
-More widgets like digital and analog clock , accurate weather info widget , calender and memo widget

-GPS still takes time to lock.
 -Video player does not have option to change colour tone.
-Messages can now only be veiwed in conversation mode.It takes time to get used to it.
The firmware is  official DD LC2 ( March 2012 release )
Download it here -
 You can also download this firmware through Kies.
Note: 1. For wave 2 or s8530 users go here to download and see mini review
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  1. Will this firmware also work for S8530?????

    1. for wave 2 or s8530 firmware see here